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My business philosophy is simple; delight my customer. Everything I do is based on that one statement. It is a simple statement to make; however, it is far from simple to actually do. I believe that quality should never be sacrificed. I believe that having a budget should not exclude you from having beautiful images. I believe that your memories are my highest priority.

I photograph weddings combining the best of the photojournalistic, documentary style and more traditional, posed shots. I believe that the most dramatic shots in weddings are those that come from those candid, unplanned moments that occur at every wedding. I also feel that the formal, posed shots that are considered traditional in style will always have a place in every wedding album. I encourage my clients to be open to mixing both styles as I feel that it creates the best documentary of the wedding day.

There have been, and continue to be, many advances in digital photography. When choosing a photographer, I believe it is imperative that you look beyond computer manipulated images, and look at the quality of the photography behind them. Enough manipulation can disguise a poor image, but it will never “fix” it. In my Image Gallery you won’t find any heavily manipulated images. My reason for this is a very basic one; quality images don’t need to be heavily manipulated to capture your attention. Colorization and manipulation fads will come and go, but quality and attention to detail will never go out of style. Every image in my gallery is the same image that was delivered to my client.

My wedding photography packages include all of your images on DVD with a rights release so you are free to reprint your images anywhere you choose, as well as an album and professional quality prints.

If you have any questions about my services, or would like to book your event, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chris Charles

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